Husband: Father: Internet Marketer: Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Expert

Internet Marketer Hi, I’m Paul Savola. I am married to an awesome wife named Killeena with three awesome children Angel 8, Elle’aysa 5, and Paul Savola Jr 3months old. I believe in some of the old family traditions of eating at the table together and love spending time with my children on the weekends.

Some of the old traditions have just faded away through the decades and just want to install basic concepts into my children. This coming generation is going determine a lot through these next few decades of our world.

I live in Central Texas!

Before I ever moved to Central Texas, I grew up in a big city called Detroit, Michigan. Maybe you heard of this little city where a lot things happen and probably one of the worst cities in the US. I always wanted to leave Detroit and one day I just left with leaving everything behind for my own personal growing process.

Copperas Cove, Texas is small town that is very peaceful compared to what I was used to and love that my children will never have to grow up in the ghetto. I was talking to eight year son awhile back and he doesn’t even know what the ghetto is. For my children I will do anything and making sure they never lived in that type of environment of violence.

My Military Experience                   

Paul Savola Real Estate SEO In October 16, 2000 I joined the US Marines and ending up going boot camp in Paris Island. The Island is located in South Carolina, where I learned a lot of quality skills that aren’t very useful today and learned a lot things that has taken me on this path in my life.

March of 2000, when President Bush stated we going into Iraq and did one tour with my Infantry unit of 2/2 Fox Company. After getting out realized that life was no greener just like my SSGT used to tell us all the time. Nothing like trying to figure things out besides working a hard job and plus dealing with my Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Over the years I got my head around and learned to control certain things in life…


Skills obtained in the Marines

  • Leadership
  • Bravery
  • Enthusiasm
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Martial Arts
  • Teamwork
  • Dedication
  • Never quit
  • Never give up
  • And much more…

    About Paul Savola

The Marketing online Struggle

I believe in living through the experience and maybe you are going through the same struggles of people telling you just to blog, use social media, and create videos; then trying to understand it all at once. All this information can be quite overwhelming at times through all the noise inside of the internet.

Then, most of these gurus telling you should blog every day and I have been down that road in the beginning of my journey. That strategy is not for everyone and you need to understand your marketing strengths and live up to them as much as possible.

Let’s dig in a little deeper in the beginning…

I really started back in 2012 with my experience inside of the online marketing. I jump around a lot and never really focused on one thing until about the beginning of 2013 and now it’s almost 2016. How time flies, when you are busy.

From 2012- late 2014 I completely struggled with all the noise inside of the marketplace just like what you are doing now. Trying to figure what is right for your real estate business.

I have been through the dark road of no success, no results, and not understanding what is working. One day, I stumbled upon someone that would change my life forever and started learning inside of the online what was working.

Why I choose SEO as Career

One of the early ahha moments was with SEO and loved doing this for my own sites. My first website I completely destroyed and is still on the internet today, I mostly use the site for testing different things on SEO.

My Family is important…

I really wanted something that I could pass down to children, if they so desired to follow my direction in business. In addition, helping was something people was something I wanted to do for Realtors. In addition, I truly understand the struggle with getting no traffic to your website.

I remember launching my first and thought traffic was just going come through the door. Now, I know SEO is where everything happens in the traffic and with online marketing you need to have that Free gift. Maybe you can offer list what to look for inside of buying their first homes in real estate.

Main Focus On website!

Main focus of realtor online strategies is helping Realtors like yourself find helpful tips on my blog. Maybe you want to outsource your search engine optimization process through hiring someone that has been through the struggle online.

Helping is my objective inside of this website through services, helpful products, and tips on the blog.

I love working online      

I love working online is about helping gain success through some of solutions that I can offer for my clients and even if you just want to buy products to help you through journey online.

My journey through this site is about helping other achieve success online through Real Estate SEO services. Something that will help your business to years to come! I am about Results with everything single client that I work with and making them rank within 30-45 days on the first page.

The following month it’s about taken over the top 3 spots.

My journey through this site about giving something on every single product and you can use for your benefit. I have bought some many bought some many projects that only taught me 1-2 things about SEO that cost over $100.

My goal is giving you everything as beginner and let you understand solutions and doing everything yourself.

Best Regards to your success,

Paul Savola

Real Estate SEO expert In Texas