Real Estate Video Marketing: How to Optimize YouTube Videos

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Are you sick and of trying to figure out this whole entire Real Estate Video  Marketing thing with getting no results. Recently, decided to start an entire new YouTube Channel based off of building websites, Real Estate SEO Marketing, and basics of YouTube.

So, I started my YouTube Channel  from scratch and it’s been about month of creating a few videos understanding strategies that are currently working for building YouTube Channel Authority and ranking videos. Let’s talk about the basics of marketing with YouTube and optimize your videos for building authority to your channel.

How to optimize YouTube Videos for Search Results

Learning to rank your videos and optimize your videos those are two different strategies  that you need to learn from  an Real Estate SEO expert.  So, we’ll be starting with the basics of just optimizing your videos in YouTube and understanding the basics for Real Estate Video marketing.
Raw Files- One of the first stages of YouTube video creation  process,  after the editing process is setting up your property section for YouTube videos.. Not sure how much authority this brings to your YouTube videos but,  still consistently do this process for the pure benefit of helping them rank inside of YouTube and Google.

Let’s start by looking up your Video on the properties section…

Video Marketing Real Estate

Right click on the option that says properties inside of your Videos and you can do this on your images  also  and I do this automatically  before ever uploading  videos. Next you will see a section that says: general, security, details and want to click on details.

raw files how to optimize your YouTube Videos

Choose the section details through Choosing the title first inside of the details sections and go down the layers to the sections. Edit the first Four sections inside of the properties section for your Real Estate video marketing tips that you have created for your audience.

Video marketing prperties

Here’s some of the features that you will create for this section: Title, sub-title and see I haven’t added in the title tag, rating, and tags are the keywords that you are going focus on for your video and no more than 5 keywords inside of the tag section.

Just click on the section and add in your details for your raw files. Then, hit apply and hit OK!

Upload your first Real Estate Video

uplod videos

First you are going login into your account, if you have setup up an account for YouTube for your business to gain exposure online, set that up. Next is hitting the upload button and down below you should notice the section from down below, if you have  ever  uploaded a video on YouTube before.

Real Estate Video Marketing

You need to upload your first video through the popup with your files that are on your computer and select the section select files to upload. Choose the drop down menu that says unlisted and pick the option for setting up your videos inside of the basics of Video Marketing for real estate.

Next section is going over basics with How to upload your first YouTube video properly…


Optimizing YouTube VIdeos

Title- Your Titles are going make your Video relevant inside of YouTube and this involves all SEO standards for ranking websites.  Imagine for a minute that you are trying to rank for the keyword Killeen Real Estate and you also want to put your number inside of the video.

This also depends on the kind of video that you are creating with tips you want to send them back to your website for them to learn more.

Description- Your YouTube description needs to have a few keywords that you’re targeting for the best results and adding your website link inside of the first two sentences. Next how long should the description be and I see some people that never even use the description.

Personally, I add in a description of about 250+ words with adding back links to other videos and adding in Social media links in Certain Videos toward the end of description and some the videos add in training links to my actual video.

Tags- adding tags are another important piece and usually only try to add 3-7 tags at a time. You want to do your real estate keyword research before you ever just start adding tags. Tags are shown above inside of the image above.


Annotations- You have a few choices, when comes to adding in Annotations to your Videos and you can decided the  type of annotation. Using the note seems reasonable for just about every single situation unless you are doing some other advanced strategies and that would depend, if you know how to edit your own videos or not.


  • Speech Bubble
  • Note
  • Title
  • Spotlight
  • Label

Paul Savola Real Estate Video marketer

Hit add annotation button!  Personally, I use the note more often than not inside of my YouTube Videos. All your videos need a purpose behind them and sending them to an advanced training on YouTube, Subscribe, back to website or email list etc.

The highlighted section on the bottom is the one that is currently active for adding an annotation back to your website or getting people to subscribe to your channel or your purpose of that video.

Shares- How important are shares really with ranking in YouTube. Slim to none as I see and ranking in Google is different and you must understand the difference between them. You want to create a massive explosion with shares, if you want to rank in Google.
Shares are important in Google rankings and ranking in Google is going take  a little more time, and for YouTube results in a few weeks with a few things inside of the advanced section.

Comments- Understand that YouTube Marketing is a social media platform to interact within the social platform and adding in good comments. Try interacting with others for driving traffic to your own channel and by adding some value to the conversation.

Add as much input or adding something conversational about the video. I do this regularly with adding value to the conversation on my old channel for now, I just rank the videos.

Views- Views are overrated as a Real Estate SEO Video Marketer point of view and seen people just don’t understand the importance of SEO. It’s about helping getting brand exposure to your business as a marketing tool through tips and tricks that you currently use right now.

Views in YouTube search don’t effect the search results much and I seen about 500 views is the limit for ranking for the local are in YouTube search.

Creating First playlists- Almost forgot about this section inside of YouTube and you can create a video series of tips and tricks through a playlist. You are going need to log into your YouTube account and hit the button playlist.

Then, hit create new playlist for the feature of videos that you will be targeting  for your audience…

YouTube Playlists

After you have created a new playlist you want to name the featured playlist. Maybe something in the name of Housing buying tips for first time home buyers. Then, you can add a video inside of the playlist, when you have uploaded a video.

created first YouTube playlist

Then, you can have as many videos inside of the playlist that you need to show people in your target audience of providing great tips to them. Some of examples of tips might be lowering taxes, lower interest rate, selling tips, buying tips etc.

Real Estate Video Marketing :Advanced YouTube Optimization  

Advanced setting Luxury Real Estate SEO

Category- Category does really matter that much, when choosing your local area…

Video Location- If, you have uploaded a video on location for something similar to my video and you want to add in the location of your video that you are currently in. Depending, if you are trying to rank for your current location.

Embeds-I get a few questions about how many embeds are needed to create an effective strategy to help there video rank inside of YouTube. Inside of my own research  and through the loops inside of my local areas and other areas. You are going need about  125-200 embeds to your local video!

Embeds are videos that are put  into your  website through the exact YouTube link or through the embed code. The embed code is located underneath the share option just like what you see underneath here or you can copy & paste the YouTube link in the search engine bar.

Look for the option that says share and you will see the embed portion.

YouTube markeitng embeds

Copy and paste the embed code into your WordPress or what CMS that you are currently using online.

Real Estate Video Marketing embeds links

WordPress you can use the Search Engine link like the one down below!

YouTube Marketing search engine

Embeds right now seem to be the biggest factor for ranking videos online within YouTube search engine for getting the best results to your offer online. Getting to the top of YouTube  seems to taking about one month with  backs links, embeds, comments, and views comes into play with ranking in YouTube.

Backlinks- Backlinks is the secret source of getting your video to the top of YouTube search engine and you will help your channel become relevant inside of your niche and becoming successful with YouTube Marketing.

There are tons of ways of create back links to your channel and I won’t  go through  building authority links with your Real Estate Video Marketing Channel. One of things to remember is that you want to create authority back links to your YouTube Channel.

How to Build your Channel Authority             

Building authority takes a few steps and becoming successful with any strategy online with branding yourself as an expert. People talk about generating subscribers and that’s not the  only way to build authority to your YouTube Channel.

Your backlinks and Embeds are what build authority without having a bunch of subscribers…


Paul Savola Internet Marketing

External backlinks – The backlinks you see from the image above is through my own backlinks and starting to create a positive authority through YouTube Marketing strategies form my own hard work.

There are 3 SEO strategies that I currently use for my back linking for my business and for my clients websites. In the concerns of back links hold importance, when it comes to ranking your videos and websites.


Back Links and getting eyes balls to listing is an important factor to selling more of your properties listings. Another back linking strategy is using bookmarking websites to create back links back to your videos.

Embeds- The Secret Sauce of ranking videos is going come from the embeds and you want to create a bunch of websites through Expired domains and free web 2.0’s. Building up the websites that are generating traffic and then embedding to create online exposure to your business.

Embeds are one of the most important factors to your YouTube strategy with creating online exposure to your business.

2 Video Marketing tips

  1. Use Videos to solve Problems

To get your videos to rank well for your search terms, you need to provide great content that actually solves problems or provides new information. The good news is that great content usually isn’t difficult or expensive to produce.

This can be as simple as filming a white boarding session or getting one of your subject matter experts to sit down for a short interview. Ask yourself: what problems or obstacles does my audience faces regularly? How can I show someone how to accomplish their goal faster/better/cheaper?

  1. Interact with Other Video Creators

One thing that I recommend is interacting with other YouTube channels and interacting with your channel audience. Why you say!

What is YouTube really? YouTube is an social media platform through video creation and you interact with others through building  relationship . This platform is no different than Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram or whatever social media platform that you use for your marketing purposes.

It’s a good idea to start interacting with people inside of your industry online inside of the real estate industry.

YouTube Marketing is a good place to start Branding yourself online!

First of  all you have to figure out what kind of person that you are going you to become in real estate.

Are you going help other realtors and real estate agents or are you helping potential clients with helpful tips for buying homes.

It’s your choice of the direction that you choose and that is going depend on your branding of your company image. Your goal should be branding as a realtor, agent and don’t brand your company.

Final Note- You should focus on the basics principles of ranking your videos in YouTube and remember that backlinks and embeds are what going make your videos rank inside of YouTube. Ranking in Google is going take time and need to you look through your competition and see, if there are already videos ranking in Google.

Analyze your competition back links inside of Moz Explorer and majestic seo tools for knowing your trust flow, domain authority and page authority. Understanding that your channel is a page and not your own domain.

You must follow the rules of Google and YouTube to become successful through video marketing. Anyone can rank videos with the right knowledge of actually ranking Videos inside of Google for putting your website inside of Google.


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